Career Advising Appointments are Available!

Excellent news, you can now book career advising appointments via CareerJanet. It's all fancy-pants and automated and super-duper easy, so if you have a career dilemma you want to talk about, get in there! Click here to contact me and book an appointment. 

Topics we can cover: 

1. Decision-making. Should you quit your job? Start grad school? Change majors? Take that job offer? Move to China? I can help you work through career-related decisions that you might be feeling stuck on. 

2. Job search process. Have questions about your resume? How do you write a cover letter? Not sure where to look for jobs in your field? What's that LinkedIn thing and am I supposed to, like, sign up? I can talk you through the job search process and help you make sense of your next steps. 

4. Validation and fear-squelching. Do you have some little or big fear that's standing in the way of your next career move? Worried your parents will freak or you'll go broke or that you won't live up to your potential? I bet I can help you get past it. 

3. Utter confusion. Are you interested in everything? Have no idea what to do next? In the throes of a quarter-life crisis? I can help you figure a way out of the fog. 

5. A plan. "I just wish I had a plan." I hear it a lot, and now, you CAN have a plan! Contact me to book an appointment. 

I'll see you on your computer screen soon!