Early Career Talent

If you’re looking at the career options in front of you and feeling not-exactly-excited, I give you different options. Using design thinking, creativity, a structured step by step process, and lots of handholding, I help you craft the career that is uniquely suited to you and you alone. You can love your work and have stability and success too.

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For Business & Education

I provide consulting for the future of work and education in the areas of high potential talent development, remote work, ed tech and bootcamps, 21st century universities, career services, and corporate universities and apprenticeships. My team will work with you to design the exact solution you need for your education outcomes or people operations challenges.

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You can look to me for insight on how you can thrive, excel, and create meaningful opportunity for yourself in the future of work. Want to live a life of impact, future-proof your skillset, or think your work can be more than it currently is? Want to know how exactly you’re supposed to continue to show up to that job every day or better yet, find a better one? Read more here. 

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