Recommended Resources

Read my favorite books, take my favorite courses, and transform your career for the better! 



Amy Cuddy's book on presence, confidence, and body language is one I recommend ALL THE TIME if you are going to be interviewing, prepping for a salary negotiation conversation, or are looking to build more confidence and assertiveness in your career. 


Designing Your Life

This book teaches you how to design your life and career using design thinking, with a specific step by step process for how to discover elements that will most energize and inspire you. 


The Freedom Journal

If you have a career goal that you're trying to accomplish (a new job, a project at work, a side hustle, a freelance business), I love the Freedom Journal for keeping yourself motivated and on track to achieve your goals. Organized into sprints, it's the perfect way to break down your big thing into smaller chunks so you actually make progress. 


To Sell Is Human

If you have trouble talking about yourself, hate the idea of "selling" anything, this book is for you. It helps a ton when you are figuring out how to present yourself and market yourself in a way that doesn't feel ick. 


The 100 Year Life

Life will be very different for your career path than it was and has been for your parents. This book touches on how you can manage your life while taking into account education, finance, work, sabbaticals, and more, because it's likely you'll live to be 100. A must read. 


The Passion Planner

Are you a paper day planner kind of person who likes to doodle and write notes? Me too! This one is my absolute fave. It's also a great way to connect your daily/weekly/monthly planning with your career and life goals. 

Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days

You should have a side hustle. It's a great way to earn a bit of income, build some security for yourself, and this book gives you an easy step-by-step process to begin earning extra money in just a month. Buy the book, or join the Society, or listen to the podcast.