Janet Matta, M.Ed.

Career Strategy Consultant

Oh man, I know what it’s like to struggle with your career. With 3 career changes in my twenties, I was interested in everything and yet nothing seemed right. Now, I am an entrepreneurial, innovative, and international Career Strategy Consultant focused on helping you create and develop your career for the future of work.

I have built 10 years of experience observing and solving the career problems that keep people stuck in work that's not a good fit. My experience working with early career talent includes advising and supervising the work of students and graduates as a Career Advisor at the University of Washington in Seattle, as Career Development Manager at the University of Technology Sydney, as a Career Consultant for SoFi, and Career Services Lead for Springboard. I work with people all around the world on all aspects of managing your career, including “what do I want to be when I grow up”, remote work and digital nomad strategy, grad school choice, skill development, personal branding, promotion and leadership, and career management strategy for early and mid career professionals. I'm a knowledgeable consultant on the future of work, including workplace changes, remote working, the gig economy, startups, and trends in tech and education, and regularly consult with organizations on these topics. I specialize in unconventional career paths, and in people who want to make more of an impact in their work. I believe that the world needs you to be doing work that matters…there is too great a need for your skills to be wasting them doing something that doesn’t matter.

I've been published in the media a few times, and you can read what it's like to work with me here. View my complete professional profile via LinkedIn, and when I'm not on wi-fi you can find me in the mountains!