Advising Basics 

The world of work is changing. I develop a specific career plan for your young adult that gets him/her from where he/she is now to where he or she will be at their professional best. We'll develop a specific set of topics to cover depending on the biggest areas of need. Topics might include job application basics, how to network, how to interview successfully, how to sell yourself, career options, educational options, or bigger questions like what do I want to be when I grow up? 

Online advising is super convenient and easy for your young person to manage, because they can participate from anywhere, at any time of day. We use tools that your young pro is already familiar with, and that let us see each other, talk freely, and share screen views and documents. Bonus: they're practicing professional online communication skills that they'll use in interviews or their future workplace.

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Why a Career Advisor? 

It can get old hassling your young adult about their job, their plans, their career. So turn over the process and the questions to the professional. I can ask the right questions that get your young adult on track, and then follow up in a way that holds them accountable without damaging your relationship. I'll handle the coaching, and you can keep on loving them like you always have. Without the arguments. 

Parent Coaching 

Feeling pretty stressed about your young person's career path? Having repeated conflicts with him or her over career choice and action? Or maybe you're just feeling helpless and not sure what to do that can help. I'm available for more in-depth conversations and planning on how you can be the best career-coach-parent you can be.

Get started 

Get in touch to learn more about career advising and share your specific situation. 

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Other FAQs 

Can I talk about my student's progress with you? 

I encourage you to ask your individual young person how their career plan is going, and what their advising sessions with me are like. I have a commitment to keep the information shared in my advising sessions with them confidential, unless your son/daughter/young pro asks me to share details with you. In that case, you are welcome to attend an online session with your young adult or be included on emails that I exchange with him/her, after he/she provides written permission. If you'd like to talk about how you can better support your young adult, schedule a parent coaching session.

How do I get my son/daughter to meet with you? 

I can't force anyone to meet with me (being in your twenties means you're an adult, after all!) but I can make it as easy as possible to get in touch with me. I am reachable by email, phone, text, google, facebook, and more, so encouraging your son/daughter to connect with me in any of those ways will get the ball rolling. I can reach out to schedule a session as well if that helps, I'll get your twentysomething's contact details from you when you buy packages or sessions. 

What if career advising doesn't work? 

We’ll discuss your goals and expectations in advance, and I’ll be honest with you and let you know if I think I can be helpful. Like a lot of things in life, they get out of it what they put into it, and SUCCESS IS NOT GUARANTEED. But, most of the time, what young people need is someone to help them get their thoughts and plans organized, to learn and practice the all-important job /internship search skills, and to keep them on track toward the goal of a successful and blissful career. I believe it’s possible for everyone, and will do my best to get you there.